1,000 Hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_2146I saw 1,000 hits today and I did my little victory dance!!! I just want to thank all my fans for the wonderful support and advice I have received!!! Awww, my nose has started to drip! 😉



Sick of This!!!




More Good Eats!!!

In truth, I feel that humor’s not one of my strongest points! But, yesterday, I was watching the bloopers on one of my favorite movies and they were hilarious!!! I think you’ll enjoy these!!!



After my day trip, I wanted to complete my vacation, so I made pancakes, roasted hot dogs, and made smores over the stove!!! I couldn’t waste a whole day off and definitely made use of it filling my day with fun!!!



Rock Scrambling






Playing in the Creek!

Yes, I know, I’m supposed to be inspiralizing, but, long story short, it came early, I made a lot, it all got eaten, no pics no post, more info later!!! Anyhooo, I had booked a night at Jalama (a beautiful beach out in the country, famous for “Jalama Burgers”)  about a week ago and was super exited to just kick back after my busy week! The road up was nice, a gang of dodge challengers raced over the hills ahead of us to get their Jalama Burgers,but by the time I got there, I was starving, and the dodge challengers were all in front of us in line, uggghhhh! When I finally got my burger, soooo delicious!!! I was taking a beach walk and doing some photography, when the wind picked up! I checked my phone to see if it would die down but their was actually a warning from the government about strong winds in my area, so I ended up deciding to drive all the way home, in the dark and windy conditions, but I realized that altogether I had had a wonderful day!!!

The Chef Gets Inspiralized!!!


Today, I was Inspiralized!!!!!! I ordered this cookbook by this girl who has this blog about using the spriralizer, and was so impressed that I was immediately ready to start spiralizing!!! The recipes are really impressive and so healthy!!! I went online and ordered mine off of amazon as a total impulse buy, it should arrive on Friday!!! To be continued…

Waking Up Early???

IMG_4859I was fast asleep, dreaming about chasing an enormous chicken through a cornfield when suddenly this noise woke me up, on a Saturday, before 12:00!!! I checked my clock and it was only 10:24 that some sort of jackhammering trash truck went on a rampage down my street!!! I shoved my head under my pillow but it could not block it out! I finally decided to get up and bark at it (by now smoke was poking out of my ears), it turned out to be my neighbor getting her upper deck redone!

Paws Up!!!


I have been working soooo hard for the past week that I have not had enough sleep, sun, and old fashioned time to put my paws up and relax!!! So, I had blown up the rafts I got for my pool for my party ( the pups I invited were all over them, seriously!) Anyway, I, as I said before needed to put my paws up and relax!!! I honestly have been terrified to use the rafts before but when my “Guinea Pigs” proved them safe, and I had the day off, so I (delicately) stepped on, and totally kicked back!!!